Welcome to what I hope becomes a regular feature on our blog, The Vendor Spotlight.  In the wedding industry I am constantly blessed to work with some of the most talented, friendly, and amazing people I’ve ever met. I really think it would be a great opportunity for all of us if I share those people with our readers.

This 1st wedding vendor spotlight is somewhat of a daily double.

Allison & Chuck Sobieck are an amazing couple who not only run one of the nicest bed and breakfast’s I’ve ever seen, but these 2 classically trained chef’s have a top shelf catering company.

The Doolin House Inn is a gorgeous facility that we’ve been lucky enough to capture through many different events. From birthday to engagement parties to simply being used as a phenomenal location for brides and grooms to get prepared for their day.

As for their catering…well, I’m not sure what words I could use to describe it. I like to say that their kitchen has some Harry Potter type magic that takes place inside it. Every single time they knock it out of the park. Seriously, they made a veggie burger once that about turned me vegan it was so good.

The most impressive thing about both of these businesses is also the most important thing to me…the people. Not only are Chuck and Allison extremely friendly, passionate, and engaging but so is their entire staff. To me that’s the key to it all. Food can taste great but serve it with a bad attitude and it spoils. I don’t see that even being possible with this group.

I highly encourage checking out and utilizing their services.