Cave Hill Vineyard is absolutely one of our favorite places on the planet. Disney World wins out, but that’s pretty stiff competition.

Cave Hill is a vineyard located in Eubank and is ran by 2 of the sweetest people we’ve met.  Bill and Debbie have put their heart and soul into building a top notch facility and we couldn’t be more proud to watch it happen. Every addition and labor of love they put into their property is like watching a child grow up for us.

The property is large enough to house nearly any event you could imagine and the pavilion makes for a wonderful reception area and dance floor.

It’s been a fabulous location for portraits, but we were thrilled to finally get to shoot a wedding there this September.  Even knowing how terrific they were, I was still blown away with how well the day went from a facility stand point.

Something that will I’m sure be very repetitive in these spotlights is how wonderful the people are. That’s because I can’t recommend people that are anything less than the highest quality and Bill and Debbie pretty much set the bar there. No matter how many off the wall or last minute requests I make, they simply make it happen…with a smile.

Chrissa and I have debated renewing our vows on our 10 year anniversary. If we do, I’m sure it’s between Cave Hill and Disney World…I’m glad she makes all the decisions.