We keep seeing “e-session” and “engagement session” in photographer’s packages. What is it exactly and do we need it?

Hey, look, another question that I have to answer with “it’s really up to you.” 😉

An engagement session is simply a portrait session where you and your fiancé are the subject.  Our engagement sessions generally go around 2 hours and involve a lot of chit chat, roaming around locations, etc. (more on that in a minute)

The primary reason people enjoy engagement sessions are that it’s usually one of the 1st real “we’re getting married” moments. It’s generally a fun outing where you get to dress up (or down) and get some photographs taken to announce your upcoming wedding. You wind up with photographs for a newspaper announcement, save the date card, or many other mediums that will be better served by having a professional image instead of the snapshot your mother got of the 2 of you last Christmas.

The secondary reason is more subtle, yet as important as the 1st. The engagement session is the ideal “getting to know you” time for both you and your photographer. Not every bride/groom/photographer combination works, it’s sad but true. I’m not even saying that someone is a bad person or a jerk…personalities just don’t match up sometimes. This testing of the waters is a great way to decide if you want to invest substantial money into the photographer or more importantly if you want to invest a substantial amount of faith into the photographer being able to capture one of the biggest days of your life.

So in the end, do you need an engagement session? I believe it’s a very important part of the process, but since it doesn’t actual sustain life you could live without it.

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