Baxter’s Coffee is a wedding vendor? Absolutely!

For us wedding photographers who can’t justify the added expense of a studio, coffee shops are the backbone of our face to face meetings with potential clients. The key is to have an environment that is welcoming and friendly.

Baxter’s nails both of those in an effortless manner at every location…plus the actual product is untouchable.

I’ve never been a coffee person, but thanks to a friend of mine becoming the espresso pusher man I am an addict. A morning without a fresh brewed pot of their Somerset blend is a problem and I’ve recently moved from the Caramel Latte to the Caramel Machiatto (skinny/sugar free of course).

As with all of our vendor spotlights, it all falls back on the people. You would think that with 3 locations that a bad apple would sneak into the staffing somewhere. If they did, I’ve never seen it. Everyone seems pleased to help, quick to start a conversation, and make it seem like they’re happy you came by.

It doesn’t hurt that regardless of the time of day or location, they know my order…which helps when the Mrs stops by to get me something without taking my order.