What is a “trash the dress” session? That sounds scary!

Outstanding question! Trash The Dress has a varying degree of definition, from subtle to rock and roll over the top scary. 🙂

Your wedding is over and the chances of you ever putting your dress on again is slim to none. My wife’s dress is in a bag in her closet taking up space and I don’t think she has the most remote interest in lacing that thing up again. She was stunning in it and would be stunning in it if she put it on today, but where, when, why?

If we renew our vows, she’ll wear something totally different. I’m sure she could hand it down to one of our daughters, but what’s the actual chance they’ll want a dress in that style in 50 years when I allow them to date?

So why not do something fun?

On the lower level of a TTD session (TTD is what all the cool kid’s say) it’s way more subtle. Now that the ceremony is over, you’re a lot more apt lay down in grass or sit on a hay bail. Things that don’t exactly “ruin” the dress, just things you wouldn’t dare attempt before you walked the aisle.

The mid level would be something that may not totally ruin the dress, but will for sure change it forever. These are sessions where we get you into water, mud, or many other elements.

Then there’s the extreme. This is where the dress is for sure not coming back in 1 piece. I’ve seen brides and grooms in paint wars, a bride with classic beat up muscle cars covered in grease, I’ve seen the train on fire,…it goes on and on.

We’ve yet to have an all out trash the dress session, although we did have a bride do a grape stomp at a vineyard. My guess is because this is an up and coming trend that’s taking hold in larger cities primarily and to be honest, it isn’t for everyone.

I would consider a bride that wants to do a trash the dress to be young, trendy, and really likes to push the limits. These types of shoots are more “fashion magazine” than traditional or vintage.

If you’re interested in one, please let us know. We’d love to help destroy a beautiful wedding gown with you. 😉

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