I saw you mention engagarazzi on twitter the other day. What is that?

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Engagarazzi is awesome! I get to be a creepy stalker type of photographer…wait, that may have came out wrong. Let’s start over…

A wedding photographer is generally involved in almost every element of the wedding process. We are there for engagement photographs, the wedding, sometimes the honeymoon, and a lot of times for the children, etc. What is a HUGE moment that’s not on that list?

The Proposal!!!

So you’ve probably guessed it by now. Enagagarazzi is when the question popper comes to us in advance and we work with them to help plan out the best way we can capture the big question being popped without intruding or even being noticed. We get to play paparazzi, ninja, and James Bond all at the same time.

So far we’ve only had one of these, but it was fabulous! The bride to be didn’t have a clue and we captured a very authentic reaction…in the freezing cold at the Cumberland Falls Moonbow no less.

If you’re a groom who’s interested, then by all means lets start planning schemeing.

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