We’ve not “officially” booked you as our photographer.  Am I harassing you?

This is one I got from a potential bride that I’ve been talking to about her upcoming wedding. She said it jokingly but I want to tell ALL the couples what I told her.


Selecting your wedding photographer is a very important part of the wedding process and you need to be sure before you put down that retaining fee. There are no stupid questions and whoever you’re dealing with needs to respect your need for comfort.

With that said, be aware of the timing. We live in a society where the 9-5 isn’t so 9-5 anymore. I have potential clients texting and sending emails late into the night and really wouldn’t have it any other way. However, if you send an email at midnight it could be the next morning before you hear back.

I actually encourage my bride’s to email, text, tweet, facebook, call, etc any and every single time they get the notion. We have a very unique relationship. I am truly excited for each of them and know that when they see that image on pinterest, finalized the catering, or finally picked their dress that they want to share it with someone.

I am thrilled to be that someone!

So to all the potential brides out there booking photographers, ask every question you need to ask before signing a contract with someone.

To my current brides, DO NOT hesitate to send me anything you want to share.

To my past brideswell, you already know. 😉

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