You really seem to love shooting weddings…what’s your favorite part?

Wow! That’s a very difficult question to answer. Extremely difficult actually.

The entire day is fun to me. There’s a buzz in the air due to the importance of the day and nearly every setting is a different challenge.

Take the “detail” shots for instance. I really enjoy looking for different ways to display the rings, hang the dress, or position the shoes. When that time isn’t overly rushed, it let’s the creativity fly. The receptions with dancing and lights always lend themselves to fun by definition alone. People are dancing, acting a bit looser than they might normally, and the overall vibe is amazing.

The most sentimental and moving moment of the entire day HAS to be the 1st look. It’s more emotional and rewarding for everyone involved.  If (alright, when) I tear up during the wedding day, this is where it happens the most.

I really need to be honest here though. It’s something my wife pointed out after we shot our 1st wedding and it never gets old.

While everyone is sitting in the ceremony scared to move or make a sound, I get to run around and pretty much do whatever I want. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m up there doing anything disrespectful, but I’m simply not limited by the normal social conventions.

I want you to think about the last wedding ceremony you attended. What do you think would’ve happened if you stood up, walked to the front up the venue, and started kneeling down in the aisles?

Yeah, it wouldn’t have went well.

There’s a rush to being able to move around freely during the ceremony. It’s very difficult to describe if you’ve not done it.  If you couple that with the rush of knowing you HAVE to get it right the 1st time, every time, you have the biggest reason why I love doing weddings.

So in a round about way the ceremony is the most exciting, the 1st look is the most emotional, the details are the most creative, and the reception is usually the most fun.

Basically, I love shooting weddings.

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