You just got engaged…where do you start? That question has finally been answered. You setup an appointment with Simply Love Studio!

Why? Well, let me get into that.

Sarah, the owner of SLS, describes the business best, “It’s a bridal magazine come to life.” However, I’ll say the big difference between a bridal magazine and this studio is that a bridal magazine will cost you several dollars and Simply Love Studio won’t cost you a dime.

Once you book your first appointment you will sit down with their tremendous staff and go over all of your wants, needs, and ideas for your wedding. Sarah and her team will then begin to help layout out wedding vendors that will most easily help you meet your goals. Why spend hours looking through photographers, caterers, planners, etc taking meeting after meeting when someone who already has a firm grasp of the industry can cherry pick a few from each category to meet with you. All while taking your personality and budget to heart.

Did I mention they do this for free? And not just the first meeting, ALL the meetings!

Please do your newly engaged self a favor and make an appointment in order to eleviate the stress before it gets started.

Simply Love Studio
2392 Woodhill Drive
Lexington, KY 40509