What a journey it has been.  Over the past 2 years I have gotten to know KC & Paige, their families, friends, and everyone else through photography.

We’ve captured their engagement session, bridal session, and with lots of conversation in between we are so very proud to finally be able to show off their gorgeous wedding!

We want to thank everyone involved in the wedding, especially the fabulous staff at The Coal Reserve. This was our 1st event there and we couldn’t have had more access to their facility. Also, the reason you see so many people on the dance floor? That’s all the guys at Soundwave Mobile DJ.

K.C. & Paige,

Thank you so much for inviting us into such a beautiful family. Your wedding day was beautiful and only eclipsed by the love and caring shared by the two of you and your families. We were blessed to be a part of your lives and wish you the very best in your future. We looked forward to this wedding for so long that I’m a little sad it’s not sitting on my calendar anymore. Maybe we’ll start planning a vow renewal in a few years.


Wes, Chrissa, & everyone with Wes Brown Photography

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