A couple of weeks before their wedding, Sam shot me an email letting me know that they wanted to add a few hours onto their package. That kind of surprise is always amazing! I’ve said many times that “time” is probably the aspect of the wedding day that brides overlook the most. This is only happening once and if we’re not there to capture it, there’s no record of it. Yes, there might be instagram snapshots from your friends iphones, but a wedding is simply to special for that.

And boy was this wedding special!

Samantha, her family, and friends hail from Michigan, while Mike, his family, and friends are from south Georgia. The phrase “Let’s get married in Kentucky.” had everyone meeting in the middle. That’s a lot of people travelling, but to be honest, when I saw how many guests made the trip it only cemented in my mind what I already knew…these 2 are special.

We were lucky enough to spend some time together last fall shooting their engagement session. Easy going, fun, in love and capable of being lost into each other while I click the shutter. What more could I ask for?

1 person who couldn’t make the trip to Lexington is Sam’s father. Sadly he passed away last year, but was represented so very well by everyone involved. I was never lucky enough to spend a moment with this man, but feel like I know him. The day was peppered with breathtaking stories of a father’s love while small touches were included throughout nearly every turn of the day.

Yeah, I cried a little…a lot. You all should be used to that by now though. 🙂

I couldn’t feel more blessed to have been a part of this one and I’m extremely proud of what we captured. A light shower, serious traffic delays causing the ceremony to start late, etc….none of it even so much as dampened a single moment. Even wedding crashers didn’t get us down…I mean, they specifically said “Your DJ is SOOOOOOO much better than ours!!!”

A heartfelt congratulations to Mike and Samantha for such an emotional and beautiful wedding day! You’ve been blessed with the best of friends and very strong families. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your day with me.

I wish you all the best and hope that our paths may cross again in the future.


Wes, Chrissa, and everyone with Wes Brown Photography

Below you will find a few of our favorites from the day. Enjoy!

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