Welcome to the third and final blog for Jay & Payal’s wedding, this one is for their…well, to be honest I’m not sure what adjectives I want to use here. It was absolutely beautiful, stunning, and many of the other words I would normally use here. It was also very surreal for us.

I’m sure you’ve seen Bollywood movies where large groups of people can break out into song and dance at any moment. Well, welcome to this reception!!!

Each side of the family was given there own time for speeches or “something special”. In my usual weddings, this is where someone would give a short and sweet speech which we did get here…but then it broke loose. After Jay’s brother gave a toast that brought tears to many in the room people started rushing by us to the dance floor area.

Why you might ask?

Well, for a choreographed dance to tell the story of Jay & Payal!!!!!!!! You can reread that sentence if you like, because it doesn’t get less amazing no matter how many times you read it. Because not only was it out of the blue (at least to me), but it was GOOD! There were costumes, props, etc. It was for real and I was sad when it ended.

Turns out after another speech or two we had the bride with a dance! And she was astounding too!!!

Another speech and another dance number!!! I’ve got photographs, it happened. I promise.

After that we ate and DJ Mavi had us dancing into the night. By dancing “into the night” I mean that well into the late hours of the night I found myself shooting (and dancing) in the middle of the dance floor to Jay-Z’s Tom Ford with a very sweet elderly lady.

Without question, this was by far the longest coverage we’ve ever had…I would say right around 15 hours total, but it was worth every bit of it.

Here are a lot more images from the evening and even a little slideshow fun at the end.

There was such a beautiful setting at Cave Hill Vineyards with a breathtaking setup by Doug Smith Designs. I couldn’t recommend either any higher.

Jay & Payal’s Wedding Blogs

Jay & Payal,

Thank you for inviting us into your world for such a monumental moment in your lives. I can’t imagine the amount of trust you had to square away to allow someone who had never been to (let alone photograph) a wedding like yours. I will be eternally grateful for that trust and you will always have a special place in our hearts. We truly felt like part of your family.

We wish you the absolute best in your marriage and life. Thank you for being so easy to work with and for being nothing but fabulous!

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