Doctor Who, Mario, Battlestar Galactica, Portal, and a bevy of super heroes in disguise…What is NOT to love here?!?!!?

A professed geek who’s children spend Christmas Day more excited about the the Doctor Who Christmas special than getting presents, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to be a part of Heather and Donnie’s wedding. Of course they are a sweet couple, wonderful people, and have terrific friends and families, but it was also an exciting scavenger hunt for every little detail.

From a Triangle Park 1st look to a gorgeous Downtown Hilton reception (with my 1st trip to Keeneland in the middle) it was magical. Blessed with beautiful weather, we had a bast all day long. Here are a few of our favorites from the day. Enjoy!

Heather & Donnie,

I want to thank you for sharing this momentous day with us. Your love for each other and the finest elements of geekery shined brighter than the sun. We wish you the absolute best in your marriage and life. At the end of it all I could only quote my favorite Gallifreyan physician by simply saying “I don’t want to go.” 😉

Wes, Chrissa, and every with Wes Brown Photography

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