Rain…ohhhhh how the rain tries to make my life difficult at times. It took us a little while to get my schedule to match up with Becky and Tyler’s lives, but the weather wasn’t interested in helping us out in the planning. ALL week long the forecast showed rain. When I’ve got something scheduled I don’t like to cancel until the very last minute, because you never know what’s going happen.

We gambled all the way through, to the point I was driving up in rain that nearly forced me to pull over.

However, when I got to the farm the weather slowed to a drizzle and then stopped! So we hit the ground running and finding all the spots we could around the gorgeous landscape.

It couldn’t have turned out better! Gorgeous light, everything snapped to a deep green thanks to the rain, and these two had great attitudes. We’re gonna have a lot of fun when their wedding day arrives.

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