Unflappable. It’s not as though anything went really wrong with the day, but I’m not sure there is anything that could’ve stressed Emily or Jason out. Emily knew she had picked top notch wedding vendors from all over the bluegrass and we would handle anything that popped up.

We were a touch behind early on, but it wasn’t terrible. It was a large wedding party, a lot of hair and makeup, we pad the timeline for those kinds of things.

Cut to me on what was forecast as a gorgeous sunny day standing in the pouring rain while I keep the groomsmen dry for their formals. I guess technically it was still sunny and gorgeous, but it was definitely wet.

Telling a bride the heaven’s have opened and it’s raining on their wedding day is never fun, but Emily looked at me with a shoulder shrug and said, “It’ll be fine.” Her reward for a calm demeanor? 30 minutes later the rain stopped and the ground wasn’t even that wet.

What happened next was almost like a whirlwind, but about an hour before the ceremony Jeremiah and I looked at the timeline…we were not only caught up but 30 minutes ahead of schedule. We had covered all the portraits and formals we needed, even finished up Reception details.

Having a venue where prep, ceremony, and reception are all on site really does make timelines so much easier to deal with. Everyone underplans for travel time when you’ve got multiple locations. A 10 minute drive on a normal day is more like 30 because of attire, number of people, responsibilities to help/answer questions, etc.

Ceremony, family formals, reception, and sunset portraits…oh yeah, and “the tie”. Jason’s family has a tradition where this specific tie gets handed down at various events and we had to capture that right before we were packing up to leave.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, if you book good quality wedding vendors that recommend each other you end up with an allstar team that will do amazing things for you.


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