I first met Katie when she was interning for Simply Love Studio…that’s important. Why you might ask? While you come to a wedding vendor’s website and see what they have to offer, it’s generally presented in the best light possible.
When someone who “sees behind the curtain” and working with you wants you to be a part of their wedding day, it’s an absolute honor. I’ve been lucky enough to do that on a pretty consistent basis and it’s most definitely reassuring that I’m trusted in that manner.

Preparation for the wedding day took place at The Hilton Downtown and went almost exactly as I expected. It was a fun group, the Hilton took care of everything and then some, and we stayed on schedule for the most part. However, there was one thing a little different than normal, we did a first look with Katie’s side of the bridal party.

For sure more people need to do this!

Your significant other is going to be excited about the dress, but in the first look or that walk down the aisle there are A LOT of emotions. When your friends see you in the dress for the first time there is a reaction that you’re only going to get from them.


Matt & Katie’s ceremony took place at Central Christian Church and it is known for how gorgeous is can be. I’ve been lucky enough to shoot there several times. It has it’s challenges due to the lighting, but it’s fairly easy to overcome that and worth it for the look. It’s important to note with any venue (especially churches) that there are occasionally special rules that must be adhered to. Central Christian has a rule that won’t allow the photographer to shoot up the aisle at the bride coming down.

I know. I know.

I made sure Katie knew this up front and she worked all year on getting it allowed…so, it is definitely possible. It just took some work.

The entire day was wonderful, but the reception back at the Hilton is when things got really good. Doug & Glenn from Doug Smith Events + Designs had decorated an immaculate setup and Kentuck Pro DJ had provide uplights…and a perfect musical atmosphere.

The dancefloor was packed all night. So much so that we were asked to tack on an hour of coverage on the spot.

It made for a long day, but in the end it was all worth it.

I proudly present to you, so me of our favorites from Matt & Katie’s Wedding Day!



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