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I knew I wanted Wes Brown to photograph my wedding since before I was engaged. I don’t know how it happens, but his photography style is so special and unique. He is a true artist and I will cherish the work he’s done for us for the rest of my life. Over time and getting to know him, he is genuine when he says he wants you to have the best day ever, and works so hard to make that happen. You will not regret choosing Wes Brown Photography!


If you want to have your wedding captured in ways no one could ever imagine……Wes Brown is who you want. Jared and I were amazed at how easy and seamless it was to have Wes documenting our day. He was professional and respectful. I never had to wait more than 48 hours to get a response from him, whether email or text. As he said when I put my deposit down, I have full access to him. He was willing to meet me after hours to talk about ideas for photos, ways to take photos and just in general he was willing! He had great ideas for wedding party shots, family shots and couple photos. When Jared and I got the photos back from the wedding, we laughed, we cried and we said over and over-WOW! The best part is that when a song came on at the reception that we didn’t know the moves to, our photographer jumped out there and boogied down! It was AMAZING! While he was dancing, he was talking photos!!!! To any and all Brides, you don’t have to think anymore about who should capture your day. Wes Brown is it!


Words do not do Wes Brown Photography justice for the gorgeous photos and helpful expertise he provided us throughout this wedding process. Wes and Nick spent the entire day of our wedding with us taking over 1660 photos! I loved being able to chat with Wes about our event prior to the day and it never seeming like I was an inconvenience. He was so positive and upbeat, even when I was stressing about some other aspect of the wedding. He listened as I explained family dynamics and recent loss of my father and took those all into consideration when photographing us that day. He was able to capture the most special moments with both candid and portrait pictures without us being away from the reception for so long. Wes was efficient, professional, and organized, all while managing to have fun with us. He blended right into the party and that is why we have some of the most amazing pictures. Many, many thanks as these photos will be treasured forever !


I am so thankful we ran across Wes on our search for our wedding photographer! From engagement photos to bridal portraits and the wedding itself, Wes has been so very helpful. My husband isn’t one to love having photos taken, but Wes made things so easy and relaxed, even John didn’t complain! All of our photos are honestly just so beautiful I can’t describe them. If you’re looking for stunning photos that are beautiful and creative, but don’t look super Photoshopped, this is the photographer for you! Amazing!


Wes Brown Photography provides a professional service that is personalized in every aspect of your wedding. He and his staff spent the entire day with my entourage of family and guests. They began early in the day by meeting us at the salon. He finished when the reception came to a close. We were married on the hottest day of the year, and it never phased him or his crew. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a wedding photographer. To the bride especially because you will be with your photographer more than your groom that day. It’s so great to have someone by you that is just as excited about your wedding as you are! LOVE LOVE LOVE Wes Brown Photography!

Sarah Jane

“I did my own hair. I did my own make-up. I put my wedding gown on by myself in a forest. I hoped I had the right four men to play the other parts. All I have ever seen were nervous brides so naturally I expected to be one. As I stood alone overlooking the most stunning scenery my eyes had ever held, I felt peace. I heard my fiancé and pastor talking and laughing with Wes and his assistant, Jarrod (who was kind enough to take video for us). I could not wait to have a physical image in my hand of what my wedding day looked like.

My husband and I drove down to Kentucky from Michigan to be married. We had to trust that Wes would meet us for the time right before we became husband and wife. The morning was beautiful and everything was flawless. Each man proved to have been right for their part. Most importantly, when I stare at the photographs that Wes shot, I can see that I married the right man.

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