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“For us there is nothing more important than truly representing your relationship with each other, your family, and your friends. Our goal are to capture those beautiful moments that deserve to be remembered forever.”

“Our packages begin with 8 hours of coverage starting at $3,000 for two photographers, but we can create custom packages to suit your exact needs! If you feel we’re within your budget, please feel free to contact us.”

There are NO travel costs for weddings in Lexington, Somerset, London, Richmond, Berea, Bowling Green, Louisville, and the majority of Kentucky.

Do we travel? Absolutely. Worldwide. Just let us know where your dream wedding is and you might be shocked at how easy it is to get us there.

Every client receives:

  • Two Photographers
  • Extensive Pre-Wedding Consulting
  • Online Viewing Gallery
  • Downloadable High-Resolution Digital Image Files

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us. Reach out! Let us know your wedding date and we’ll let you know if we’re available. After that we can setup a meeting in person, via FaceTime/Skype, or over the phone. We like to talk weddings and get to know our couples. In person the coffee is on us. ?☕️

We ask for a $1,000 non-refundable retainer to secure your wedding date. We have numerous people inquire for specific wedding dates. That has led us to a first come, first serve policy on booking. The retainer and a signed agreement is the only way to secure us for your wedding day.

We handle our booking through an online client management system. We try to be as hands-on as we can with everything, but when it comes to billing, contracts, calendars, etc automation really helps.

When you’re ready to book we will send you an email from the system with a link to follow. Once through that link you’ll see a welcome message, followed by a page to select your package, then any add-ons you might want, your contact information, and finally the contract. Once that is signed you will have a few options to pay the retainer. Once the contract is signed and the retainer is received we will sign the contract on our end and we’re all set to be a part of your wedding day.

Absolutely! This is your wedding and if those shots are important to you, then we’re capturing that of course. Our style is more along the lines of photojournalism/documentary/lifestyle photography, but we are absolutely prepared to get every moment you want. We’ve also got a great game plan to help you help us get those formal shots done quickly and efficiently.

Not usually…but don’t freak out. We own all of our images through the formal copyright process. However, we provide our clients with a print and web release. This means you are welcome to print your images as you like, as well as post them online to the various websites and social networks you use. You can’t sell them to Vogue, but I can. I’d check with you first though.

You get the best I can offer, meaning the final files are uncompressed images with the fullest print quality available. Generally all prints may be printed at extremely large sizes without any loss in quality. We understand some photographers provide images at a “Facebook size” or for email…that’s not us. We want to see these things printed! We’ll be glad to point you in the right direction for quality prints and do provide the option to purchase very high quality prints from us.

The typical answer will be roughly 80-100 images per hour of coverage. Meaning if you have us there for 10 hours you will most likely have a total around 1,000. Of course, your timeline, wedding party size, number of guests, etc can cause that number to fluctuate slightly in either direction.

While I would never consider myself traditional, I would say we try to shoot images that are classic. 20 years from now I don’t want your wedding photographs to feel dated. Classic color and a strong black and white will never go out of style.

I would also consider us more along the lines of photojournalism and lifestyle photographers. For me it’s about capturing those important moments and making sure they live forever. I’m completely comfortable with posed portraiture, but covering the true event as it happens is the core of what we do.

It’s important for us to turn your photographs around as quickly as possible and generally you will see them within in a month of your wedding day. We don’t tend to do heavy post processing or photoshop work we can turn around images extremely quickly.

Absolutely. All of our packages have two photographers by default and we’ll add a third in custom packages if it’s needed. Generally I bring the same second shooter to most of my weddings. It’s important to have a good relationship with a second shooter and trust them to represent our brand. However, sometimes schedules don’t match up and we go to the bullpen to bring out another talented photographer to work with us.

Not every wedding, but occasionally we will bring an assistant as well. It depends on the timeline, scale of the venue, and if we’re going to need special equipment. In those cases it’s great to have someone working the bags while we shoot. In most cases it’s not needed, but it does make our day a little easier.

Talk to us! We travel frequently all across the Bluegrass without any travel fees. However, we will gladly travel nationwide and even worldwide. A lot of times those costs are surprisingly low, so don’t hesitate to ask.

There are some base level things you should expect from any photographer. They should know their equipment inside and out, understand how to capture amazing images, and work well under pressure. All that is of course true of us, but there are a few things in particular that I believe sets us apart.

First of all, creating wonderful images in great light at a gorgeous venue isn’t too difficult. However, it’s extremely important to be able to produce amazing images when the conditions aren’t optimal. There are a lot of curve balls that happen in a wedding day and zero “do overs”.

We also truly care. It’s your wedding and that is VERY important. At the end of the day we don’t just want the photographs to be memorable and perfect. We want the music, the food, the cake, the flowers, the everything to be just as you wanted. Our priority is capturing those images, but we are “water getters”, “stuff holders”, and many other things. We’ve tied ties, chauffeured, and countless other things to make sure a wedding goes as smoothly as possible.

It breaks my heart to think that someone’s wedding didn’t go as they had planned. That’s why when we’re a part of one, it’s imperative that we do everything in our power to make sure it goes off without a hitch.


Each album features fully retouched images from your collection, designed into a narrative that tells of all the loved ones who came to celebrate with you. Ask us for details in adding a wedding album to your package if you are interested.

Click for a look inside one of our wedding albums.

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