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Am I harassing you? // Ask a Wedding Photographer

We've not "officially" booked you as our photographer.  Am I harassing you? This is one I got from a potential bride that I've been talking to about her upcoming wedding. She said it jokingly but I want to tell ALL the couples what [...]

March 6, 2012|

What is engagarazzi? // Ask a Wedding Photographer

I saw you mention engagarazzi on twitter the other day. What is that? First of all, thank you for follow me on twitter. Both my wife and I love our followers and would love to follow you back if we're not already. So [...]

January 4, 2012|

What is a 2nd shooter? // Ask a Wedding Photographer

In your packages you refer to a  "second shooter". What is that? That's a great question and finally one where I don't say "it's up to you". In an effort to appear cooler, photographers often refer to themselves as a "shooter", so a [...]

December 14, 2011|

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