“Rain rain go away, come again another day.”

I may have said that in my head a thousand times during Derrick and Kayla’s wedding. It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day through the morning and majority of the afternoon, but then the heaven’s parted and it began to pour from the sky…and it just wouldn’t stop.

The thing is, it didn’t really matter.

Obviously with an outdoor wedding it throws several hundred monkey wrenches into the plans, but family, friends, and everyone with The Coal Reserve flipped everything to allow this amazing couple to still have the stunning wedding they’ve always wanted.

We did schedule a “Day After Session” for when they got home from their honeymoon. The weather simply wouldn’t allow us to get the outdoor portraits that they wanted on their wedding day. Thankfully Cave Hill Vineyard was happy to host us to remedy the situation.

Here are a few of my favorites from their wedding day and day after session. Enjoy!

Derrick & Kayla,

Thank you for allowing us to share in  your world for the past year or so of your lives. With such support from your family and friends, we’re sure there’s no rain that could ever fall on your marriage. Thank you for being so amazing at every turn!

Wes, Chrissa, and everyone with Wes Brown Photography

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