Where to start? How about the important stuff.

Mark and Meghan are an amazing couple and that shined through all else on their wedding day. A dream to work with, madly in love, and I can’t help but be sad that the day is over…maybe I can start pitching the vow renewal package to nudge them forward. From their families to their friends everyone was a dream and we greatly appreciated it.

Our day started at Meghan’s salon, which was shut down for the afternoon where the ladies were going hard. This could be the most fun I’ve had during wedding day prep. Music was blaring, people were dancing, and mimosas were being handed out generously. If anybody had nerves, I never saw them.

The rest of the day was somewhat of a blur to me. Why? 104 degrees, that’s why. While we enjoyed every moment of our time as photographers at Spring Valley Golf Club (Lexington, KY), it was easily the hardest day I’ve ever had photographing a wedding. The heat was relentless and smothering. The entire wedding day could have VERY easily gone of the rails, but everybody was just so easy going that it didn’t.

I think this is one of those weddings I’ll look back to for a long time if I ever need to remember why love this business.


  • Exiting the ceremony to “Another one bites the dust”
  • Entering the reception to Jay-Z & Kanye
  • The “Call me maybe” / “Let’s have some babies” parody
  • One of the best officiants I’ve seen since my wedding
  • Glow sticks
  • That little kid KILLING it on the dance floor
  • The leg kick during the 1st kiss
  • A 1st look that nearly brought me to tears
I also have to give a shout out to Nick for not only coming through, but going the extra distance on the day. Also, Amanda did a phenomenal job handling her 1st wedding with us.  If this workload doesn’t scare her off, I’m not sure anything will.  I always try to give my couples the best work possible, but without amazing support on the day of (and behind the scenes) it wouldn’t be possible.

Mark & Meghan

Thank you so much for inviting us be a part of your wedding.  With your love, family, and friends I expect your wonderful life will only continue getting better..  We are extremely grateful to be a part of your lives and wish you all the best.


Wes, Chrissa, & everyone with Wes Brown Photography

Here are a few of my favorites from the day as well as their slideshows. Enjoy!